Growing a Stash

I was supposed to get into the groove of blogging, but life has made it quite difficult for me to do so. This is also my first blog in WordPress and I am still in the steep bend of the learning curve. Another matter is that I have decided to place a watermark on all my images. That took a bit of learning as well. So, on with my my story. (Yes, on with the story!)

Two weeks ago, the largest book store in my city, i.e., Metro Manila, held their annual Cut-Price Book Sale. This is the time when all their books, old and new are offered at discounts. The older the title, the deeper the cut. It used to be that I would browse the old books looking for my favourite genre, which is crime fiction. However, since my interest in crochet got a kick start, my targets this year were the Japanese crochet pattern books. Although their regular price is roughly US$ 2.00, some older titles were offered at half off or even less. The first branch of the book store I went to was the largest, However, I was too late. The sales staff informed me that rabid crocheters had already decimated their copies.

I decided to peruse other branches and I was rewarded for my efforts. All in all, I visited 4 branches and came out with a haul of 19 titles. Here are those books:

The same week, a yarn shop in the Metro held a yarn sale. Now, normally, I am a monogamous crafter and tend to not buy yarn unless I already have a project for the said yarn and it’s good to go. However, I realized that yarn sales don’t happen frequently and I was curious as to what they were carrying.

When I got there, I found out that some of the yarn was hand-dyed locally. Others were from other people’s stashes and they were all to willing to offer at a lower price just to de-stash. So, despite my previous pride for not having a stash, I realized that it was high time to have one, albeit, a very controlled stash. Here was my haul from two visits to that yarn shop.

All in all, the books and the yarn cost me roughly a little shy of US$50.  I honestly haven’t worked with yarn without tags before. Once I finish my current project and another planned project, I might start playing with these yarns and see what I can do with them. I can already see a hat in that cake in the bottom middle of the picture.

I was supposed to first talk about my current project but I guess that will be another post, then.